B2Stream is a DVB server/remultiplexer which generates in real time a MPEG-2 transport stream by multiplexing heterogeneous inputs (transport stream, private data, interactive programs, video or audio ES, SI, PSI, custom tables). Based on top of C++ classes, B2Stream is easily customisable in order to satisfy specific requirements from our customers. Moreover, an XML API is available, in order to create custom GUI.

B2Stream is built over a client/server architecture using XML for transactions. Remote administration allows several users to interact with their own configuration, depending of rights they had been granted. The web based graphical interface let every user to easily send and control multiplexing task with a simple internet browser. The GUI also displays several views allowing to graphically monitor the output stream (pie, histogram, ...)


  • Real-time broadcasting iTV applications (OpenTV TM , MediaHighway TM )
  • Audio/Video playout
  • Easy management of PSI/SI (PAT, PMT, NIT, SDT, TDT, EIT)
  • Processing stream (PID remapping, PID filtering…)
  • Synchronisation between interactive service and video program (for example, controlled by a 3rd party automation)
  • Real-time updating data (coming from socket network)
  • Remultiplexing live input


  • DVB ASI output interface up to 50 Mbits

  • DVB ASI input interface up to 50 Mbits
  • 100 base TX Ethernet interface for management
  • 100 base TX Ethernet interface for data
  • Broadcast up to 50 iTV services simultaneously
  • Works under Windows TM OS


  • TDF
  • Radio France
  • Cordon Electronics
  • Visiware
  • HTTV