DVB-CNA is a cost-effective monitoring solution dedicated to TV operators. By a single glance, an operator can check that its broadcast chain is working properly, and its television service properly received by spectators.

Streams monitoring and analysis is remotely performed using a simple web browser : every information and alarm is clearly presented and quickly available : no intricate navigation to find an information, just two mouse clicks.

Besides using the device as an autonomous monitoring solution, it is also possible to use it as a probe for a more global supervision system. Every a and status are available can be accessed by SNMP, which allows the integration of the broadcast chain monitoring in existing supervision system. Moreover, every log or bitrates data can be exported in XML format to allow their use in an offline quality software.

Finally, the developped sofware architecture allows to add custom fonctionalities or GUI to precisely match your needs.



  • Simultaneous analyse from 1 to 4 multiplexes
  • Real time monitoring of MPEG 2/TS and DVB streams.
  • Detailled statistics for each Elementary Streams.
  • Decoding and thumbnails presentation for video (HD/SD), audio, subitles, teletext.
  • EIT/pf extraction.
  • SI tables informations.
  • ETR 290 Analysis.
  • Silence detection.
  • Black frames detection.
  • Frozen frames detection.


  • IP
  • ASI
  • DVB-T
  • DVB-S

Events Handling

  • Record events to log,
  • Events search engine,
  • MPTS recording when events occurs (1S before to 1S after) for further analysis,
  • SNMP handling for events (traps + get)


  • TV5 Monde