Hospitality / Digital Signage

Since several years, distribution of TV and Radio programs on internal networks rush toward the digital world. Working on IP-TV since its begining, Trilogic adapted its "Broadcast" products to the needs of institutional market such as hotels or Hospitals. Thanks to the integration of Dektec's modulation cards, Trilogic solutions might be deployed as well on full-ip network as on classical 'coax cable'.

By using open protocols, and respecting DVB standards, Trilogic's products can be seamlessly integrated into existing distribution systems, wether in the head-end, or with installed TVs in rooms.

Trilogic's solution contains three products :

  • DirectToAir allows the encoding of one local TV channel, followed by his broadcast on cable, using the DVB-T standard.
  • Alcyone is a DVB gateway, allowing to gather DVB programs from heterogenous links, in order to re-broadcast them on an IP network or on another DVB media (cable or over the air).
  • Octopus is a tool allowing to distribute video clips on a DVB media.